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We've always had the obstacles and the community. Now we're bringing back group classes. From January 18, 2020 through February 9, 2020, both of our new class offerings will be free to try. Learn more and sign up below.  

Please keep in mind, if you are not a member and want to use our course before or after the designated class time, you will need to purchase a open course pass. 

Spartan SGX Group Training Classes

See Schedule for available dates and times

Cost: Free through 2/9/2020

SGX group training classes are led by a coach in a group format, and will help you get in shape and improve your general fitness through functional training. All movements that are programmed as part of these classes are scalable for any level of fitness and experience.  

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Strength and Conditioning for Obstacles

See Schedule for available dates and times

Cost: Free though 2/9/2020

Have you learned the techniques, but need to work on your strength for sticking the spear, muscling up on a wall, or making it all the way across the multi-rig? This coach-led strength and conditioning class focuses on building the muscles that will make you a stronger Spartan. 

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