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Spartan SGX Coaches

Building better humans

T Watson

Hello, my name is “T”. I’m a Certified Advanced Neuromuscular Massage Therapist doing Sports therapy since 2013. I love my work; and have worked on professional athletes from our local bay area teams such as the 49ers, and Stanford college football team.

I became a NESTA certified fitness trainer, and Spartan SGX Coach, because I absolutely love to motivate, support, and inspire my clients to reach their health and fitness goals. I love to witness the amazing progressions over time into a better you. If you are a beginner just getting started into fitness, or maybe you have fallen off from your regular exercise routine, and want to get back into it; I can help you! You are exactly the kind of client I would love to have the pleasure of working with, and there is always room for improvement. 

Every athlete knows, in order to reach their fullest potential; you must first start with a solid foundation. My Functional Fitness Foundations class will give your body the fundamental muscle strength, range of motion, and endurance you need to perform effortlessly in your regular everyday activities, training routines, or just to build a stronger body. I like to approach training holistically. So you will also develop the added benefits of good cardiovascular health, improved posture, and improve your overall mood!!

What are you waiting for? Do yourself a favor, and join my class for a better you!!

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Ty Rawli​n​son​

Ty Rawlinson has been a personal trainer for over 10 years, with a background in rehabilitation and working with a chiropractor doing physiotherapy. Ty's passion for the Spartan experience, developing trainers, and helping clients realize their fitness goals has motivated him to train for and obtain the Spartan Level II SGX coaching certification.

Ty has led the charge in creating a local community of dedicated Spartan enthusiasts.

Ty's education and certifications include:

  • Spartan SGX
  • SGX Level I
  • SGX II & SpartanFit
  • Spartan Edge
  • Spartan Obstacle Specialist- cert of completion 
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine:
    • Corrective Exercise Specialist
    • Performance Enhancement Specialist
    • MMA Strength & Conditioning 
  • National Personal Training Institute 
  • National Exercise & Sports Training Association
  • National Holistic Institute - Massage Therapy
  • AAS Criminal Justice
  • CPR Certified

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Christie McKiernan

Christie completed her first Spartan Race in April of 2017, barely. She took almost three hours to finish the San Jose Sprint, had to do nearly 200 penalty burpees, and is pretty sure she’s the only person to fail the non-obstacle of the starting corral wall. For some inexplicable reason, 2 ​days after her near-death experience with a Spartan Sprint, Christie signed up for the Monterey Super, but this time, she decided to train for it. It was then that she met Coach Ty and his Mission Peak Spartan community, and the rest is history.

In the past three years Christie has completed nearly 30 races, including her first Ultra in October 2018. It’s not an overstatement to say that Spartan has changed her life. Since that first sprint in San Jose Christie has lost over 50 lbs, rekindled her love for being an active athlete, and became a certified personal fitness trainer and Spartan SGX Coach.

In becoming a Spartan Coach Christie hopes she can teach and inspire other people to push beyond their perceived limits and help them learn to overcome the literal and metaphorical obstacles that life puts in their path. Her approach to Spartan training and coaching mirrors her approach to life. She embraces the Spartan pillars of grit, resilience, and teamwork as guiding principles both on the course and off. Her obstacle specialties are grip strength, grip endurance, and advanced obstacle technique. 

Her certifications include PFT from NESTA, SGX Lvl1 from Spartan, and CPR/AED from EMS Safety.

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Peter Tapao

My first Health and Wellness experience started off as a Front Desk employee in Island Gym in 1998 working part time. I was responsible for opening the gym at 4:30am. At that time, I had greater ambitions beyond working at the gym. I wanted to make a living in Electronic engineering, which I was studying at DeVry University in 2002.

After graduation I took a trip to the Philippines where my whole perspective about life changed. The Philippines is a third world country and people are just trying to survive, it's a struggle every day. I watched my people, my own family, who had nothing, happily share what little the did have with me. This was a truly humbling realization and a lesson that changed my life.

After my trip to the Philippines I was motivated to pursue a career that allowed me to follow my new-found passion and purpose of empowering people. Fast Forward to now and I've done just that. I've been a personal trainer and group exercise instructor for 15 plus years, and have many clients who stay with me for 4 – 6 years. I'm very humbled to have satisfied customers and full classes of happy students. I'm continually advancing my career in an effort to build a healthy community, to establish great relationships, and open myself to new possibilities for growth.

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Terrence Hanserd

Terrence’s competitive nature and hunger for new fitness challenges, led him to complete a 2X Spartan Trifecta his first year. His new found passion for Spartan has led him to become a personal fitness trainer and Spartan coach. Whether in group training or one on one, his goal is to help his client’s develop into a healthier version of who they are. He is highly driven and loves to motivate and encourage others and is a strong advocate for self-health and wellness.

Terrence is the founder and CEO of Livinproof365 which represents health and fitness 365 days of the year. Livinproof365 focuses on the physical and mental preparation for staying disciplined to live a healthy lifestyle.

National Exercise and Sport Trainers Association: Certified Personal Trainer

BA in Sociology

CPR Certified

Jessica S

Jessica empowers people to discover their unique capabilities. As a therapist in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation or as a Spartan coach, she uncovers people’s strengths and limitations to deliver customized hands-on training to reach the health you want. Whether your goal is to complete a first OCR fun run or complete an all-day endurance event, there are always strategies to get you where you want to be and go.


  • Spartan Inaugural 24hr Spartan Iceland Ultra Championship, Hurricane Heats, Hurricane Heat 12HR, Ultras, Trifecta Weekends, Age Group and Team Open Heats
  • Goruck Tough, Light, and Starcourse 50 Mile San Francisco
  • OCR World Championships in Blue Mountains, Ontario 2017 and 2018
  • FireFit Endurance Lightening Round Part 1

Certification and Training:

  • Spartan: SGX Coach L2 Certification 2019, Edge Course 2017, Obstacle Specialist 2016,
  • SGX Coach L1 Certification 2016
  • Duke University Integrative Heath Coaching Foundation Certification 2012
  • 200 Hr Avalon Yoga Teacher Training Program 2004


  • MS Occupational Therapy 2009
  • AA Massage Therapy 1000 Hr 2006
  • BA Biology 2001