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How do I sign up for open course? 

To sign up for open course: 

1. Create a mindbody account with us 

2. Purchase an open course pass online 

3. Sign up for the date and time that you want to attend. 

Signing up online will save you money, and will make your check in process a bit faster as well. If you have any questions, please feel free to send us a message and we'll be happy to help. 

How do I sign up for technique workshops?

To sign up for technique workshops:

1. Create a mindbody account with us
2. Purchase either individual workshops or the 3 workshop bundle
3. Sign up for the date and time that you want to attend. 

Signing up online will reserve your spot, which is especially important in the weeks leading up to major races. If you'd like to purchase a workshop for someone else, or have any other special considerations when signing up, please contact us. 

Do you have any discounts for drop-in? 

Yes, your first time drop in $15 rather than the regular price of $35. After that, signing up online will save you $5, to drop the drop-in rate to $30 per visit. 

If you'd like to save more, packages are a great way to get even deeper discounts on open course visits.

What’s included in a membership?

A monthly membership allows you to come out and do our open course on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays as often as you’d like. Weekend classes and workshops are not included as part of the membership, however classes are discounted for MPS members.

Is there a minimum monthly membership?

Yes, to sign up for a monthly membership you will need to commit to a minimum of a six months, with a greater discount available for a 12 month commitment After six or 12 months, you can contact us to cancel or freeze your membership at any time.

Please keep in mind that you must contact us directly to cancel your membership.

What’s included in a package?

Packages are like memberships, except they aren’t unlimited. When you purchase a 10 or 20 session package, you can use those sessions for our open course on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Packages never expire. 

Please note, packages purchased online can ONLY be used by the person who has purchased the package. Online packages cannot be split between multiple people. If you would like to inquire about splitting a package with a significant other, training partner, etc, it will need to be done by a staff member at the course with signoff from the coach or manager on duty. 

What's the difference between classes/workshops and open course? 

Open course is exactly what it sounds like, the course is open for anyone to use as they like. We will provide a workout of the day if you'd like something to follow, otherwise you can feel free to practice whatever you like. 

Classes and workshops are led by a certified Spartan SGX coach. We highly recommend our technique workshops for anyone who is new to Spartan racing so that you can learn the safest and most efficient methods to conquer the different obstacles. 

Are there group discounts?

We do offer one-time or special-event group discounts. To find out more, please contact us directly and be prepared to let us know how many people are in your group and whether you are interested in open course or coach-led training. Please keep in mind that group discounts are offered one time as a special event unless otherwise discussed with us, and we will need everyone in your group to sign up online and pay in advance in order to get the discount.

What are the benefits to being an MPS member?

  1. It greatly reduces the cost of using our open course. Drop in prices for open course are $30 per session, which means if you come out and use our course more than twice in a month, your membership is saving you money.
  2. Classes and events are often discounted for MPS members.
  3. It enables you to bring a friend to check out our course as your guest, for free. This benefit is available one time per guest.
In addition, being a member of Mission Peak Spartans also means being a part of our awesome community. We have members-only Facebook chats and groups to coordinate race travel, lodging, team meals, and other fun events. Being a member also enables you to join a tribe and earn points for your tribe through challenges in a fun atmosphere.

What payment do you accept?

  • Online, we accept all major credit cards for memberships, packages, and technique workshops.
  • In person, we accept cash or credit card for our memberships, packages, open course drop-in, and technique workshops.
  • All payment for classes and workshops hosted by MPS is handled by the coach running the class, so please check with us ahead of time to find out what forms of payment can be accepted for these.
  • Please keep in mind that some deals and discounts are online only.

What are your hours?

  • Tuesdays 5pm-7pm
  • Thursdays 5pm-7pm
  • Saturdays 8am-12pm
    • 2pm -5pm by appointment only unless otherwise stated. 
  • Sundays 8am-12pm
    • 2pm-5pm by appointment only unless otherwise stated. 

Please check out schedule online for the most up to date information, as we do close for certain local races, events, and major holidays. If you'd like to attend a session that is listed online as by appointment only, please sign up at least 24 hours in advance to reserve your spot. 

Are you ever closed?

Yes, we will close the course on some major holidays as well as select local race weekends where our entire community goes out to compete. In addition, because our course is outdoors, if weather conditions make training unsafe, we will close the course. If you’re not sure if we will be open, please call or send us a message to confirm.

Is your program kid friendly?

Most of the obstacles we build our made to Spartan specifications, which are designed for adults. Spartan race rules state that all participants must be at least 14. Because of this, our workshops and SGX small group classes are limited to adults and mature high schoolers.

However, we have recently added kids classes to the Mission Peak Schedule. These classes help teach kids about spartan values and how to overcome obstacles on and off the course. We’ve also built some new kid sized obstacles specifically for these classes. You can view our kids class schedule at any time online.

Any children under the age of 14 must be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times. Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign our participant waiver.

Do you offer a student discount?

Yes, all high school students with a valid high school ID can come out and use our open course for free. Classes and workshops are regular price.

Do you offer a discount for active duty military, veterans, or first responders?

Yes, please contact us in advance and let us know what you are interested in (such as a membership, package, etc) so that we can accommodate.

Where are you located?

Our course is located at the track at Irvington high school. The address is 41800 Blacow Rd, Fremont, CA 94538. You can park in the large parking lot off Blacow Rd. You’ll find our course and registration table to the right of the track under the Spartan flags.

What Obstacles do you have?

Our course is designed to prepare you for just about everything you’ll encounter in a Spartan Race, and we are always adding new obstacles to our course. Check out our obstacle page for photos and more information about our obstacles.

Do you sell MPS merch?

We do! Currently we have Mission Peak Spartans race jerseys and hats available for purchase onsite at our course. If you need gloves for your next race, we have Mission peak Spartan tested and approved gloves for sale in many sizes.  We also sell water and other drinks onsite.

I’ve never done a Spartan Race before, where do I start?

For people who are new to Spartan Race we highly recommend starting with our Obstacle Technique Workshops. These workshops are instructional in nature, and are designed to teach you how to conquer the obstacles you’ll see in a race in the safest and most efficient way possible.

I have more questions, how do I contact you?

You can always get in touch with us via email, Facebook messenger, or by phone. We’d love to hear from you and answer any additional questions you may have.