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Our Obstacles

No one likes doing burpees, so come out to our course and practice with race-realistic obstacles to keep those burpee totals down.

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Traverse down this wall and around the corner using foot and hand holds. A staple of most Spartan Races.

Rope Climb

Learn the S or J grip safely on Spartan Race ropes over our cushy rubber mulch.


One of Spartan's most challenging obstacles, Twister is a true test of grip strength.

Yokohama Tire Flip

The tire flip is one of the toughest strength obstacles. Come train with our Spartan standard Yokohama tires, in both men's and women's weights.

7ft Wall

Walls are a big part of obstacle course racing. Learn the techniques to beat walls or just perfect the skills you already have.

8ft Wall

Walls are seen at every Spartan Race, so once you've tackled our 7ft wall, work on getting over the 8ft wall.

9 ft Wall

The tallest wall we've ever built, if you can get over this one there won't be any wall you can't conquer in a Spartan Race.

Inverted Wall

Whether you do a reverse flip or a forward climb over, this wall can really test your skills.

Slip Wall

Run up or use the rope to get over this wall. Our slip wall is smaller than ones seen at Spartan Races, however, the techniques on how to conquer this wall also apply to warped walls.

O-U-T Walls

A staple at many Spartan Races. Go "Over, Under, and Through each wall. 


Our Olympus wall is much like the one you will see at Spartan Races. Learn how to traverse across this wall using holes and grips, without foot holds.

Spear Thorw

Infamously named the burpee maker. Technique and strength are necessary for beating this obstacle.

Monkey Bars

The ability to transition from low to high bars is a must if you want to look good in front of the spectators at a Spartan Race.

Rings & Multi Rig

Nearly every Spartan Sprint features a rig where you'll need to move across a series of rings or a multi-rig. Come practice how to make it across both lanes.


Up and over a ladder sounds easy right? Except the ladder is curved back towards you. Come practice this one before you get to the race.

Herc Hoist

This strength based obstacle beats a lot of people. Come gain the strength and skill to conquer the herc hoist.

Tyrolean Traverse

Historically a Beast only obstacle, we've seen Tyro tackled successfully both over the top and underneath. Come try it and see which technique works for you. 

Spartan Ram

As if Burpees weren't hard enough, last year Spartan debuted the dreaded weighted burpee for their Stadion series races. Don't worry, we've got them here to practice before you head back to Oracle park. 

Bucket Carry

We have both Spartan standard men's and women's bucket weights, along with training and kid's buckets too.

Sandbag Carry

We have different weight Spartan Pancakes and rucks to practice your carries. We switch our sandbag carries between bleachers and long distance to prepare members for both stadium races and trail races.

Ladder Wall

Similar to the top of Spartan's stairway to Sparta, conquer any fear of heights by tackling our 10ft ladder wall.

Spartan Hurdle

The Spartan hurdle is a simple yet deceivingly challenging obstacle to conquer. Come learn how to get over it safely and efficiently.

Atlas Carry

We have 35, 65 and 95 pound stones to lift, carry and then return back at the starting flag.

The Armer

Kind of like Atlas, but more awkward. We have both the men's and women's weights to train with. 

Hand Walk 

Plank and crawl a distance using your hands to travel while holding your core in check. You'll see this obstacle at stadium races.

Camo Crawl

Meant to simulate the barb wire crawl, we allow the opportunity for members to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Slam Balls

Another popular obstacle at stadium races, come practice your med ball smash out on our course.

Sled Push

While not a standard obstacle in Spartan Race, the sled push is a great way to build strength and conditioning for Spartan Race obstacles.

If you are persistent, you will get it.  If you are consistent, you will keep it.