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The Mission Peak Spartans Story

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In 2014 Ty Rawlinson, our head coach and founder of Mission Peak Spartans, did some research and realized that there wasn't anything comparable to what he wanted to provide his clients with in terms of strength development, obstacle skill building, and a like-minded community of Spartans. The underlying goal of what Ty wanted to achieve was always clear: he wanted to establish a spartan community based on three things: community, strength, and Inspiration. It was from these values that Mission Peak Spartans was born.

Soon after, Mission Peak Spartans began holding its Saturday morning classes at Old Mission Park. Using kettle bells, dumbbells, bands, medicine balls, and a pull-up bar, Ty was able to build up the strength and conditioning of his members. However, they still lacked the ability to face and master obstacles. 

During this same time while Mission Peak Spartans was growing its client base with folks who wanted to train for Spartan races and other mud/obstacle course events, Ty was contacted by the principal of a Irvington High School, (his alma mater,) Jay Jackson. Jay asked if Ty wanted to get involved with the Spartan Edge program, which Mr Jackson was piloting for Spartan.  

Note: Spartan Edge was developed by Jay, who is also a close friend of Joe De Sena, CEO and Founder of Spartan.  

Ty was one of only a few Spartan certified coaches in a 30-40 mile radius at the time, and although he didn't know how he could help the Spartan Edge program, he did ask Jay if perhaps he could use the high school facility to bring some obstacles (a few walls, tires and sand bags), to train his clients, while also training the staff and students at Irvington for free. Jay has always been a huge supporter, as is the administrative staff at Irvington.

And so, Mission Peak Spartans arrived at their current location at Irvington High School. Initially the entire "course" consisted of one wall (that was built by a friend), a few tires, a rope climb, some buckets and some sand bags.

Over time, the membership base grew, and Ty began to build his own obstacles in the afternoons and evenings when he wasn't at work. He's continued this practice to this day, pushing himself to learn new things, build new obstacles, and constantly improve things for his members, all the while providing his brand of patient, encouraging Spartan coaching on how to get over the obstacles that he built. It has always been a goal of Mission Peak Spartans to enable its members to not only overcome literal obstacles, but to also give them the ability to face their fears, build resilience, and learn grit to overcome the obstacles faced in life as well.

Today, Mission Peak Spartans has a permanent fenced off space affectionately known as "the yard" at Irvington. What began as a single wall, rope climb, buckets and sand bags has grown into one of the premier obstacle training facilities in the bay area.

Partnered with Irvington High School and Spartan Education program, Mission Peak Spartans has an offering like no other in the Bay Area, enabling members to train in a real race environment, simulating the conditions racers face in a Spartan or other OCR race.

And as amazing as the obstacle course has become, Ty will be the first to tell you that it's not about the obstacles, but the community. The entire Spartan community is incredible, but the sub community at Mission Peak Spartans is truly something special. It's always a challenge to maintain a small family like-feel as a community grows, but Mission Peak Spartans pride themselves on doing just that. The coaching staff has grown, the member base has grown, but the warm and welcoming atmosphere at Mission Peak remains strong.

We're not sure where this journey will take us next, but we remain confident that by staying true to our values of community, strength, and Inspiration, that the strong roots established by Mission Peak Spartans will continue to be the foundation of an amazing place to train, and a truly special community for years to come.