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Our Youth Leadership

Overcoming obstacles in life and in education


Class 2018

I am a junior at Irvington and I have been a part of Spartan training for a little over a year and a half now. There are several things that keep me coming back. The people you train with, including the coaches, are so encouraging and supportive. They help drive you through the strenuous workouts. As hard as they are, they are rewarding. Not only do I feel physically healthier and stronger, but I've gained a lot of confidence throughout the year. I enjoy testing my comfort zone and pushing through obstacles both in and out of Spartan.


Class 2017

I started Spartan Training last year as an extra credit opportunity in U.S. History class. The way my teacher described it sounded physically demanding. Flipping tires, climbing rope, throwing spears, and the list kept on going. People are reluctant to try new things; it's human instinct. When I went out for the first time, I couldn't climb a rope. I was frustrated and I wanted to get better at it. Spartan helped me to set goals that would give me a better challenge. Soon enough, the school year was over and something amazing happened. I kept going even after the school year ended. That's when I knew that I wanted to better myself personally, and not for a letter grade. I began taking on more difficult challenges, such as climbing 20 feet of rope. Not only does Spartan Training push you physically, but mentally as well. When you're tired and you have an obstacle in front of you, a person's natural reaction is to give up and quit. That's not what the Spartan mentality is. It taught me to take on obstacles head on, figuratively and literally. When I'm presented with an assignment in school, I hear whining. I'm not that person anymore. Now I want to figure out ways how to do my best on every assignment I get. My only regret about the Spartan Training program is not knowing about it sooner. Remember, it takes a lot of courage to take that first step. When that's achieved, you're now one step closer to your goal. It may not seem like much, but it adds up in the end.

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